NEET & IIT Foundation Course

IIT JEE is one of the toughest competitive examination in India. if your want to get placed into any one of 16 IIT colleges, you will have to crack this examination. But it isn’t as easily done as said. Your competition is as high as 9 Lakh students from all across the country while the total number of seats among all the IIT colleges is a mere 13,376.

Cracking the NEET examination isn’t an easy feat either. While aspiring engineers have the option to sit for other examination, you won’t have that. From 2019, NEET will be the one and only examination you are required to sit for to get into a medical school. Therefore, it is appropriate to say that an excellent NEET foundation course might just be your deal breaker.

To give you a good heads-up, we have created a unique foundation course which will be perfect for students who are serious about cracking JEE or NEET examination. You can start as early as class 8. It is important to understand that your boards examinations are just as important these examinations. Therefore, starting early will make sure that you have sufficient time to study and excel in both.